ALIGN Delivers: Tenant Retention

 Northside 2-4 unit rental building

- Responsive management, collaborative tenant interactions, high tenant retention

- Unit A Tenant in-place over 8 years

- Unit B Tenant in-place over 5 years, including moving within the building

- Unit C New tenant signed on referral from existing tenant

- Steady rent increases

ALIGN Delivers: Satisfied Investor

Northwest Side, Single Family Rental

- Investor purchased as a Short-Sale

- Assisted in purchase due diligence

- Assisted with interior renovation plan and completion

- Team One Program: Leased in less than 30 days (direct)

- Tenant continually renewed (2013-18)

ALIGN Delivers: Responsive Repairs

Furnace Failure, rapid repair

- Gas forced air furnace

- Blower motor started to fail weeks prior (no notice from tenant)

- Blower motor failed entirely, Saturday night in winter, no heat

- Furnace filters not replaced timely

- Dirt & dust overtook the blower motor

- Owner asked ALIGN for repair assistance

- HVAC tech engaged rapidly, tenants resumed heat quickly

- ALIGN helps prevent these events before emergencies arise

ALIGN Delivers: One Team Leasing & Management

Effectiveness of Single-Service Leasing & Management

- Owned moved out of town

- Owner engaged 3rd leasing agent

- Owner headaches, with tenant bed bugs, mice, neighbor complaints, on-going tenant complaints to Owner

- ALIGN Management took over with One Team Program

- Management: solved pest issues, solved tenant issues

- Leasing: re-tenanted units, including leasing one unit where tenant leased the unit sight unseen

ALIGN Delivers: Sewer Backup Solution

- Owner reported water in basement

- ALIGN Management asked to remedy

- Quickly cleared standing water

- Diagnosed as basement drain backup (Spring rain season)

- ALIGN arranged and managed qualified plumbing vendor

- Main drain blocked with heavy tree rooting

- ALIGN anticipates and helps Investors prevent costly emergencies

RESULTS: New Entries Coming

ALIGN continues delivering Results for our clients.